PRC, now a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, solicited Jon Comola and Marcia Comstock to help them vet a healthcare infrastructure technology idea in the private and public sector marketplace. The organization had traditionally operated as a defense contractor and wanted to explore new technology based opportunities in healthcare. However, they lacked any substantive knowledge of the healthcare industry. Jon and Marcia applied their extensive cross-sector knowledge of and relationships in the industry to help NorthrupGrummond achieve its goals. The company specifically sought to determine the level of interest among different industry groups in applying a new infrastructure technology. This technology would facilitate movement of information between and among disparate internal and external information systems, thus addressing the pressing healthcare industry need for data exchange and interoperability among separate, heterogeneous sources of data. It held promise for preserving legacy system investments, while streamlining administrative costs and enhancing clinical applications throughout healthcare facilities.

Jon and Marcia developed a plan whereby NorthrupGrummond executives could explore the utility of their product, as well as marketing, pricing and deployment strategies with varied audiences in a low risk environment. The approach yielded interviews with and feedback from several top executives in the public and private sectors.

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Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN)
The Global Knowledge Exchange on Healthcare (GKEN) is a global intellectual talent pool that can be deployed to support organizations wanting to learn about emerging better practices in healthcare from experts in varied sectors; health systems, hospital systems, payers, insurers, health plans, academia, consumer and government purchasers. We are a not for profit international organization Founded in 2008. GKEN has 50 Delegates from ten countries committed to sharing and exchanging knowledge on ways to improve health outcomes and reduce cost. (learn more)

“Leaders need to 1st agree on the principles, the guideposts for the debate, in the abstract.Only then can the conversation focus constructively on important medical, ethical and economic issues” Wye River Group on Healthcare.

This book has been published to describe our methodical process in successfully building a vehicle for the implementing broad scale health policy reform from the ground up. It is dedicated to those who recognize designing a healthcare system that better meets everyone’s needs requires first setting aside the politics in favor of collaboration, compromise and consensus building.

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In the News

WRGH has accepted an invitation to join the inaugural advisory board for Thompson Publishing Group's Guide to Consumer-Directed Health Care.
They will provide commentary on developments in the field, insights into industry trends, and occasional guest columns. Launched in April, the Guide is the only comprehensive resource to designing and implementing a consumer-directed healthcare plan.

WRGH has joined the Oxford Health Alliance.
We know that prevention of unhealthy behaviors, with regard to diet, exercise and tobacco consumption, is critical in confronting the pandemic growth of chronic disease. The Oxford Health Alliance enables experts and activists from different backgrounds to collaborate in order to raise awareness and change behaviors, policies and perspectives at every level of society.