Wye River Group Overview

Wye River Group is a nonpartisan, not for profit entity, which serves as catalyst to raise awareness and broaden perspectives to enable cross stakeholder engagement. The organization tackles challenging public policy issues such as water and health and health care.

Based in Washington DC WRG and its sister organization GKEN.org (Global Knowledge Exchange Network) create an intellectual exchange of fresh ideas in a neutral environment, employing a dynamic process that works to stay ahead of emerging trends. We identify and advance approaches that build on the value of consensus and public private partnerships.

The strength of this work rests on the active engagement of a cross-section of stakeholders committed to advancing common goals. The unique, inclusive process employed in reaching agreement on issues helps ensure its long term viability in the public policy arena and in the marketplace.

Our success depends on maintaining our position as neutral catalyst skilled at creating an environment of trust and in setting the stage for dialogue involving diverse interests within an 'apolitical' philosophical framework.


Funding for our work is balanced and comes from a wide variety of sources in the public and private sectors. This approach preserves our integrity and helps to avoid adverse speculation around our purpose.