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Healthcare Leadership Rountable Discussion Topics

  • We currently face significant challenges in this country with healthcare access, affordability and quality. How should the role of each sector (physician, health system, insurer, employer, consumer) evolve in order to enable us to effectively address these issues?

  • What is the most appropriate role for government in healthcare?

  • How can we break down the barriers between stakeholder groups, restore trust and facilitate collaboration?

  • How do we promote desirable cultural change?

  • What are the attributes of our current healthcare system that are critical to retain for the future?

  • What elements in the current healthcare system are most in need of change?

  • What issues are of greatest importance to you as a consumer of health care?

  • How should accountability be operationalized in a well functioning healthcare marketplace?

  • Do we spend too little, too much, or the right amount on healthcare in America?

  • Are our resources properly allocated, or should more be spent on prevention and early detection of disease? Can the health care system be better structured to provide these services? How would we optimize incentives for all stakeholders to focus on prevention?

  • Do you believe that all Americans are entitled to the same level of healthcare services, quality, access? Should there be a guaranteed minimum level of healthcare provided to all citizens?

  • How can we address barriers to care and improve access to care among the medically underserved? How can the government or other stakeholders best be involved in that process, in other words, what is the best way to begin to address the problem of the uninsured in this country?

  • Do you believe that if given more control over healthcare dollars and more choice that individuals will make good healthcare decisions? If so, how can our system ensure that all consumers are appropriately educated about their health care options so that they are able to make use of these dollars, including those in underserved communities?

  • How can we incentivize more responsible behavior when it comes to lifestyle choices that impact the need for healthcare services? How can we ensure that individuals and communities have access to needed services that can aid in changing unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles?

  • How concerned are consumers about privacy? How can we protect confidentiality while ensuring quality health care?

  • What were the successes of managed care? What were its failures?

  • Who should decide what treatments are to be covered by insurance and which must be paid for out of pocket if desired?

  • How can the health care system better facilitate the translation of research breakthroughs into improved quality of care?

  • Does government have a responsibility to make up deficits? To individuals? Institutions? Communities?

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