The Innovation Mutual Fund 6x6 Playbook

HR leaders face key challenges in the ever-changing business landscape. Deploying innovation strategies can make a meaningful difference in whether HR leaders can successfully address these challenges:

  • How can HR strategically manage employees as vital business assets rather than as costs?
  • How can HR help align strategies across all functions and become an enterprise business partner [click to read North Star perspective]?
  • How can HR drive mutual accountability across employees and the employer?

As the human capital of the organization, employees represent the key differentiator in a company's ability to weather an increasingly volatile and unpredictable economy. Companies who treat employees as a cost to be managed rather than as an asset that requires continuous investment will fall behind their competitors.

A new role for HR is emerging. To best manage human capital, HR executives must align and integrate business, people, and reward strategies. This requires integrating work across business operations, finance, and HR functions [click to read North Star perspective]

Untapped opportunities exist for HR executives to expand their role and help solve key business challenges through innovation. "A vital part of our work as HR leaders is to continuously assess and align the priorities between the company and employees objectives,” said Chris McSwain, Chief Strategy Officer of Aasonn. "Innovation offers a successful way to solve challenges of this magnitude."

The 6x6 Innovations Mutual Fund Playbook offers strategies to help HR leaders and business executives harness innovation to solve key internal and external challenges. Click here for Playbook full text including table of contents and Appendix.

Playbook Co-Authored by Chris McSwain (cmcswain@aasonn.com) and Jon Comola (jrcomola@wrgh.org)