Engaging Wye River - Cornerstones of Success

Facilitating collaboration: We are well respected among trade and professional associations inside and outside the beltway. As a result, we are able to set a "neutral table," politically and by industry sector. Our ability to find workable solutions in the marketplace and in the public policy arena is based in part on our position of neutrality. This fosters an environment of trust and ensures all viewpoints are considered.
Raising awareness: We are adept at bringing complicated and politically challenging issues before legislative and business audiences, leading them through a discussion of complex topics and raising their awareness of new dimensions surrounding the issue. This process can highlight the importance of or help redefine an issue through multiple channels, including Congressional briefings, roundtable discussions, retreats, and publications.
Linking interests: We have considerable experience in determining synergies among different interests in both the public and private sectors. Such business and philosophical connections may be advanced through a new business venture, an alignment on public policy, or the matching of a funding source to a defined need.

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